Our Flight Experiences

Join us for an adventure like no other! Choose from one of the popular options below. With any of our experiences you'll have the opportunity to take the controls if you wish, or just sit back and let your instructor give you a thrilling experience. Please note: all of our experiences can be logged as airtime towards your own pilots licence.

30 Minute Fixed Wing Adventure

Our shortest experience, but no less rewarding! After your briefing and flight planning with your instructor expect to stay within the local area and see sights in the Kinross-shire area. Loch Leven and Castle, Benarty and Bishop Hill as well as swooping over the Lomond Hills. You'll be able to see the Forth Bridges in the distance, you would also have enough time to make a dash to them and back. Depending on the visibility you'll be able to see right up into the distant Grampian Mountains.

Approximate Range: 15 miles

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Flexwing Microlight 60 minute experience

30 Minute Flex Wing Adventure

Similar to our 30 Minute Fixed Wing Experience, however this option will see you take the skies in our Flex Wing microlight. Described as the 'motorbike of the skies', this aircraft offers an open cockpit with unparalleled views and a 'wind in your hair' experience you'll be sure never to forget!

Approximate Range: 15 miles

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60 Minute Fixed Wing Adventure

Without a doubt our most popular experience. Here you can really go places! A typical route can see you take in the Ochil Hills, Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle, The Kelpies, Hopetoun House, Edinburgh Airport, The Forth Bridges and Loch Leven on the way back to Balado.

This 60 minute experience coupled with our unique location close to so many sights will make memories and let you see the area from a perspective that you'll never forget!

Approximate range: 30 Miles

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60 Minute Flex Wing Adventure

Our most popular flex wing experience option. You'll get the most out of this experience whether you want to 'take control', explore the local sights, or experience some high level steep turns and see what this aircraft can really do. With a 75mph cruising speed our GT450 is a real backcountry touring machine.

Approximate Range: 30 Miles


60 Minute Formation Flying Adventure

Using two C42 microlights and two experienced instructors, take to the air with your friend, family member or partner and experience some formation flying and explore the local sights together. Take part in a pre-flight briefing to discuss your objectives and plan your flight and once in the air you'll maintain radio communication between each aircraft. A unique experience - shared!


Bespoke Extended Adventure

This experience allows for more airtime and opens up opportunities beyond the range of our standard experiences. With the right planning and weather conditions you could land out at an airfield in Fife or the Stunning West Coast. Head North to the Grampain Mountains or South to the Southern Mountains and the Scottish Borders. The choice is yours depending on the conditions on the day. This experience option lends itself to individuals who might be interested in further training or enthusiasts who might be looking for something even more special.

This option will act as a guarantee a minimum of 90 MINUTES of airtime but can be extended on the day dependent on your mission objectives.

  • How do I get to Balado Airfield?

    We are based just a couple of miles to the West of Kinross, our access from the A91. There is a big trailer sign and signage at the road entrance. We're easy to find on google or by using What 3 Words - see our 'Contact us' page.

  • What should I bring and wear?

    Bring your sense of adventure, your voucher and a phone or camera for pictures. Wear comfortable clothing for the conditions and sensible footwear, heels will get stuck in the grass and although might look great give very poor rudder control! Bring another layer such as a jacket or fleece and you can decide on the day. Our fixed wing aircraft have heaters but the colder months do test them. Our flex wing aircraft give you the chance to sport a VERY attractive padded all-in-one-suit and helmet!

  • Is there anything else I need to know?

    Family and Friends are more than welcome to watch you set off on your adventure flight. Whilst you're away they can relax in our warm and spacious pilot lounge and get a coffee or snack. We have colouring in for little ones and 50" TV to keep your friends and family occupied. All our flights can be tracked LIVE on the computer in the lounge or on the Flight Radar 24 website. We also have a modern accessible toilet block with baby change facilities.