Learn to Fly with Adventure Aviation

We train according to the syllabus which has been developed by the British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA)

The usual route to gaining a Microlight Licence is by gaining National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL) with a Microlight Rating. This can be done on either Fixed or Flex Wing Aircraft.


Fixed wing microlights look just like a conventional airplane with wings and a tail/fin. They are flown using a control column and rudder pedals just like in larger aircraft. A Flexwing microlight is effectively a hang glider with a trike suspended underneath for the pilot and passenger to sit in. The trike has a propellor at its rear and it is steered by weightshift using a horizontal control bar just like a hang glider.


The minimum Flight training requirements:

  • Minimum flight time total 25 hours
  • Minimum solo time 10 hours
  • Minimum navigation time 5 hours
  • Minimum solo navigation time 3 hours

It is also possible obtain a restricted rating with a minimum flight time of 15 hours, although we would not generally recommend this option.


There are 5 written examinations to be completed in the following subjects:

Aviation Law - Aircraft Technical - Meteorology - Navigation - Human Factors

The exams must be passed in the 24 months before applying for a Licence.

We can give you are recommended reading list and we stock the books in our shop. Groundschool is available on a one-to-one basis.


The medical requirements are similar to those required to drive a car.

There is generally no need for a Medical Examination as most people can make a Medical Declaration through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA ) website: https://www.caa.co.uk/aeromedical-examiners/medical-standards/medical/

We would recommend that you complete this declaration BEFORE starting training and certainly it will be required before any solo flight.


In order to qualify for the NPPL you must complete a General Skills Test with a Flight Examiner. This will take place at Balado in the Aircraft you have been trained in and you would not be presented for this test until we were satisfied that you were ready. An oral test also takes place as part of this process.


Flight Training on Fixed Wing Aircraft: £165 per flying hour

Flight Training on Flex Wing Aircraft: £150 per flying hour

(This comprises of a 2 hour ’slot’ to include Pre and post flight briefings at no extra cost)

Ground School £35 per hour

Only 2 lessons involve compulsory Ground School the remainder can be by self-study. We also run a series of winter ground school classes covering all the exams so we can work through the books during the less inclement weather.

Exams £30 each

Equipment/books around £200

We can supply you with a ‘Starter pack’ of books and equipment

Airfield membership £165

This covers landing fees and use of the facilities

BMAA Membership £88

Issue of NPPL £158 (BMAA Member)

It is unusual to achieve a Licence within the minimum of 25 hours. It can be done, however something more like 40 hours would be realistic in terms of cost forecasting.