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Peabee Sub-70 Aircraft


Designed by Ben Ashman the PeaBee is one of the best Sub-70 categorised aircraft available today. With minimal regulation and maximum accessibility this is one of the most cost effective ways to get into flying.
With a payload capacity of 120kg this is the perfect way to explore your local area.
Peabee 2 Technical Data

FLYLIGHT Peabee Adam

With its's own unique twin skin wing and retractable undercarriage, the Peabee Adam adds significant innovation over the Peabee 2.
Similar in most aspects the soaring tuned wing and reduction of drag the retractable undercarriage offers makes this machine the one for thermal hunting and engine off soaring.
Peabee Adam Technical Data


The 'heavweight' lifter of the family. the Bivvybee is tailored to overnight stays with its increased payload capacity to 150kg and a strutted wing.
Due to the unladen weight the Bivvybee falls into the SSDR category and requires the pilot to hold a valid NPPL(M) license.
BivvyBee Technical Data