Flight Experiences

How old do I need to be to have a flight experience?

The minimum age for all flight experiences is 14. There is no upper age limit, but we would advise that all passengers have a reasonable level of fitness and mobility in order to board the aircraft comfortably. If you have any mobility issues please get in touch and we'll do everything we reasonably can to accommodate you.

What are the differences between Fixed and Flex wing Aircraft?

Fixed wing microlights look just like a conventional airplane with wings and a tail/fin. They are flown using a control column and rudder pedals just like in larger aircraft. A Flexwing microlight is effectively a hang glider with a trike suspended underneath for the pilot and passenger to sit in. The trike has a propellor at its rear and it is steered by weightshift using a horizontal control bar just like a hang glider.

The flex wing experience has been likened to a motorbike with the thrilling sensations to match. For flexwing experiences we will equip you with a warm padded coverall, helmet and gloves.

Is there a weight limit?

There is a single seat weight limit of 120kg in our fixed wing aircraft and 110kg in our flex wing aircraft. This may be less depending on the flight experience duration amongst other factors. If you are over 100kg please get in touch prior to booking to make sure we can accommodate you.

Can I bring a camera?

YES! Of course you can. Please make sure you have a suitable restraint for your device and that you can secure it in flight if you would like a shot on the controls.

Talk to your pilot instructor about any shots you might like to try and get but please keep the selfie sticks out the cockpit for ground based photos only!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Please make sure you call us before you leave your home to make sure you flight is still going ahead. The weather where you are might be totally different to what is happening at the airfield - this is Scotland!

If your flight cannot take place due to weather it will be re-sheduled on the next available date that suits you.

Flight Training NPPL(M)

How old do I need to be to learn to fly?

You can begin your training from age 14. Provided you have the required experience and approval from your instructor - you can fly solo from age 16. After that, you can gain your licence from as early as 17 years old.

What are the medical requirements?

The medical requirements are similar to those required to drive a car.

There is generally no need for a Medical Examination as most people can make a Medical Declaration through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA ) website:


We would recommend that you complete this declaration BEFORE starting training and certainly it will be required before any solo flight.

Can you train me in my own aircraft?

Yes! We can provide you with training in your own fixed wing or flex wing aircraft. This includes ab-initio training, rating re-validations, or differences training.

Once I qualify what can I fly?

After bathing in the glory of gaining your pilot wings, you'll be ready to choose how you want to continue your aviation adventures!

Your licence will allow you to fly any 3-axis or flexwing microlight up to 600kg in all up weight with adequate differences training to make sure you're comfortable with any different instruments and characteristics.

The CAA regulations were recently updated to allow an all-up-weight from 450kg to 600kg allowing many new designs to enter the category, so now you can find an aircraft to suit all budgets from £2k - £250k!

Sole ownership can be expensive so private syndicates are popular to spread the costs.

Our school organised syndicate in a Skyranger Swift 2 is a great place to start. We even take care of all the paperwork and maintenance so all you need to do is fly!