Take a look at our modern range of state of the art aircraft. Our flight school aircraft represent the best in class and are all equipped with ADSB, transponders and Skydemon flight planning software via a panel mounted iPad tablet.


Europe's most popular microlight training aircraft for a reason. Built in Germany with over 1200 sold, they are stable, easy to fly and very forgiving, the C42 is a great place to be. Our aircraft, Juliet Alpha, bought new in 2019 is where most students will begin their pilot journey.


Romeo Echo - arrived brand new in September 2023, our C42c is the most up-to-date example of this incredibly popular microlight. Taking advantage of the new CAA weight regulations the C42c AUW rises to 560kg giving more payload options and luggage carrying ability than ever before. Our machine has a 100hp engine and upgraded Beringer brakes.


Whisky Whisky - our GT450 flex wing microlight is the perfect machine for training, exhilarating experiences and adventure touring. Stable and confidence inspiring, capable of carrying a usable payload this really is the perfect short field operating aircraft.


Built in 2019 from a kit by our own fair hands, Delta Mike is a strong dependable adventure machine that we graduate our students onto once qualified. Set up as a fully managed syndicate run by the flight school you can fulfil all your pilot dreams without the hassle and paperwork that comes with owning your own aircraft.


Our demonstrator sub-70 Peabee Adam Trike is the very best machine available in this exciting category. It can be flown without a licence with a machine weight under 70kg or can been flown as a registered SSDR microlight with a machine weight over 70kg. With a uniquely efficient twin skin wing and innovative retractable gear this machine represents the very best of British engineering.